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50 Top Pizza: final 2020 Two "D’Amico Special Prize" have been awarded to Italy’s and world’s best pizzerias

Milan, 30 September 2020 - D'Amico signs two Special Prizes, SWEET PIZZA OF THE YEAR 2020 and PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR 2020, on the occasion of the final of 5...

Robo and D'Amico special partner of In Cibum - School of Gastronomic Education

Milan, 20 February 2020 - D'Amico enters into a partnership with In Cibum, School of High Gastronomic Training.

Gruppo D'Amico invests in the art and beauty of the territory. Maxi poster to support the restoration of the Monument to Salvo D'Acquisto.

Milan, 15 January 2020 - D'Amico supports the project for the restoration of the monuments under the second municipality of Naples through the conservative r...

D'Amico group supports culture and territory: 100,000 euros donated to the Temple of Neptune (Archaeological Park of Paestum)

D'Amico has decided to actively support the Archaeological Park of Paestum with a donation of 100,000 euros that will be used to finance the protection proje...

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