Citrus-marinated egg yolk served on a fennel and caper berry cream

Total time required
12 hours + 20 mins preparation

Ingredients | Serves 1

  • 1
    Fresh eggs
  • 50 g
  • 40 g
    Brown sugar
  • a. r.
    Orange zest
  • a. r.
    Lemon zest
  • 10 g
    ROBO caper berries in vinegar
  • 50 g
  • 9 g
    35% fresh cream
  • 7 g
    Extra virgin olive oil
  • a. r.

Preparation method

  1. Separate the egg yolk from the white. Prepare a dry marinade with salt, brown sugar and grate the lemon and orange zest with a microplane fine grater. Marinate the egg yolk in the marinade for 12 hours. Wash and clean the fennel and then cut it into pieces; afterwards, blanch it and emulsify it with a little cream and extra virgin olive oil; add a little pepper. Once the egg yolk has been marinated, wash it under running water and dry it. Spoon the hot fennel cream onto a plate, position the marinated yolk in the centre and garnish with caper berries.


Prepared with ROBO products

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